44 Blue Productions’ new unscripted series Jailbirds has topped Netflix UK and Ireland’s list of Most Watched Reality Shows. The show also came in at No. 5 on Netflix’s list of Most Watched Shows in the UK and Ireland.

Netflix UK and Ireland released its first weekly Top 10 lists of most-watched content on the platform earlier this month, which includes breakout Top 10 lists of movies, shows, documentaries and reality series.

Jailbirds follows the day-to-day interactions of incarcerated women at the Sacramento County Jail, as they fight the power and one another, and try to make the best of life — and love — on the inside. Jailbirds premiered on Netflix on May 10, 2019.

44 Blue Productions has produced a number of acclaimed series about justice and incarceration, including HBO’s top-rated feature Rock and a Hard Place, inspired by Dwayne Johnson’s experiences with the law as a youth; and long-running series Lockup for MSNBC, exploring jail and prison facilities throughout the US.