Kari Skogland’s production company Mad Rabbit is to develop new scripted series An Innocent Fashion, based on an adaptation of R.J. Hernández’s debut novel.

Skogland, who was Emmy nominated and won a BAFTA for directing The Handmaid’s Tale and is now directing Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier for Disney Plus, optioned the novel, and is attached as showrunner and executive producer on the project.

Mad Rabbit is partnering with Blonde Mamba, the next-gen production house led by Amelia Baker and Mackenzie Munro, on the project, with Baker and Munro producing.

Often labelled as The Devil Wears Prada meets Brett Easton Ellis’ Glamorama, An Innocent Fashion follows the coming of age of Elián San Jamar – a sexually fluid Cuban-American from a working-class background in Corpus Christi, Texas. Changing his name to Ethan St. James, Elián graduates Yale and heads to New York City – where he confronts the reality of the millennial fairytale through a cut-throat internship at a prestigious fashion title. The biting truth of his ennui and the reality of the limitations his background places on him catch up to Ethan as he navigates the fashion world in the ‘Age of Woke.’

Kari Skogland said: “We are very excited to bring Hernández’s timely story to the screen in collaboration with Amelia and Mackenzie who provide a fresh vision as voices of a new generation.”

Baker and Munro said: “Hernandez’s book is an original and compelling exploration of the American dream through a millennial lens – tackling the realities of privilege and class with biting humor and irresistible flair. We’re thrilled to be working on this adaptation together with Kari at the helm.”