EPIX in the US has commissioned new docuseries Fiasco from executive producers Left/Right, as part of a slate of projects in development.

From the creators of Slow Burn, Fiasco is a new podcast documentary about politics, power, and uncertainty. Host Leon Neyfakh will transport listeners into the day-to-day reality of America’s most pivotal historical events, bringing to life the forgotten twists and turns of the past while shedding light on the present.

Season One of Fiasco will tell the story of the contested 2000 election between Al Gore and George W. Bush, and the extraordinary legal battle that followed in Florida.

Fiasco is produced by Neyfakh’s Prologue Projects and Luminary Media, LLC. Neyfakh, Steven Fisher and Andrew Parsons serve as executive producers, along with Ken Druckerman and Banks Tarver for Left/Right Productions.

Slow Burn, the new six-episode docuseries based on the hit podcast of the same name, is set to premiere on Epix next month. Left/Right’s acclaimed political docuseries The Circus is currently in its fifth season on Showtime, and The Weekly, the major new half-hour series produced by Left/Right and The New York Times, is currently airing on Sundays on FX in the US, with next day streaming on Hulu US.