One year on from its launch Studio71 France, the product of an unprecedented alliance with the Studio71 international network and the TF1 group, has established itself as an essential player in the world of influence. With more than 150 multi-platform influencers and 700 million videos viewed every month, Studio71 has doubled its audience, buoyed by the development of new themes and new influencers joining its network. Specialising in influence marketing,
Studio71 has also demonstrated its expertise in production: videos for its influencers, ever more innovative solutions for brands, and developing programmes for all consumer platforms. Through a combination of power and effective web/TV synergies, Studio71 has attracted new talents to the network, such as the comedy duo PalmaShow. In its role as event organiser, Studio71 will very soon be building the “Get Beauty” exhibition – whose 3rd edition will be held in the summer of 2019 – into an ambitious media brand.

Studio 71: 150 influencers and 700 million videos viewed every month.

With more than 150 multi-platform influencers on its books, Studio71 has increased its leadership in its favoured themes: “beauty/lifestyle” and “humour”. In response to changes in habits and the needs of its partners, the network has also developed new verticals with “gaming” and the “digitalmum” community. These four universes of engaged communities are now enabling Studio71 to achieve a monthly audience of 700 million videos viewed. Allying power and targeting, the network is maintaining its 100% brandsafe approach. The PalmaShow duo join the Studio71 network.

Studio71’s expertise in managing channels and producing ambitious multi-platform brand campaigns has attracted the highest powered influencers to its network, including 33 with more than a million subscribers. The following influencers joined Studio71 this year:

  • PalmaShow: (3m subscribers on YouTube)
  • Iris Mittenaere: (1.8m followers on Instagram)
  • Clara Marz: (1.1m subscribers on Instagram)
  • Siphano: (2m subscribers on YouTube)
  • Innovative video formats and the launch of a podcast label.

Studio71 is now established as a reference player in digital production. In just one year the network has increased its production of innovative video formats, with new writing, by making its studios and content expertise available to brands and talents. Studio71 is also supporting talents in new forms of expression, shortly to be demonstrated by the launch of a podcast label.

Ambitious synergies with Group channels.

In just one year, the group has stepped up collaborations between Studio71’s digital talents and TF1 group channels:

  • Lolywood: production of 60 episodes broadcast daily on TFX and MYTF1 in September 2017, which has been extended for a second season.\
  • Lufy: presenter of the Beauty Match programme on TFX, soon to return for a second season.
  • Clara Marz: ambassador for La Vox / The Voice, last season’s digital newcomers.
  • Ibra TV and Studio Danielle, featuring Ninja Warrior contestants.

The essential partner for advertisers, 250 ad campaigns in one year.

With its galaxy of high-powered talents, Studio71 has established itself in just one year as an essential player in influence marketing. Studio71’s expertise in producing creative brand campaigns has enabled it to put together more than 250 collaborations, such as the recent video clip by the influencer Seb la frite, produced by Studio71 for the Clairefontaine brand, which achieved nearly 1 million videos viewed in just one week.

Get Beauty: 3rd annual exhibition sponsored by aufeminin, and a media brand version.

As market leader in beauty influencers Studio71 has announced the 3rd annual Get Beauty exhibition, which will be held in 2019 (last year’s event attracted more than 80 beauty influencers, 10,000 visitors and over 17 partner brands). This year aufeminin is sponsoring the event so that it can offer beauty and fashion experiences that teenagers can share with mums who accompany them to the event. Get Beauty, now a go-to label for 13-25 year-olds, will soon be rolled out as a media brand with a multi-platform content offer.