Red Arrow International has struck a significant multi-show distribution deal with US independent factual producer Bellum Entertainment, totaling over 200 hours of factual content. Four high-volume factual documentaries are included in the deal – Weather or Not, Motive to Murder, Autopsy of a Murder and Murderous Mistresses.

Weather or Not (52 x half hour), an exhilarating series about extreme weather, and Motive to Murder (78 x half hour), an exploration of international murder cases, are both brand new titles and now available for distribution.

Upcoming forensic crime series Autopsy of a Murder (52 x half hour) and the scandalous Murderous Mistresses (52 x half hour) will be launching at MIPCOM 2017, with co-production and pre-sales discussions taking place at Realscreen Summit 2017 and MIPDoc 2017.

Henrik Pabst, Managing Director at Red Arrow International, said: “This deal further cements Red Arrow International’s growing reputation as a supplier of quality factual and factual entertainment programming, and in Bellum Entertainment we have a fantastic partner with compelling and commercial factual content.”

Based in Burbank, California with additional production facilities located in New Orleans, Louisiana, Bellum Entertainment specialises in the development and production of factual and factual entertainment TV projects for broadcast, cable, digital and ancillary markets.

Weather or Not (52 x half hour) is an exhilarating documentary series that puts you in the path of nature’s fury. It can strike without warning, with a ferocity that no one could have anticipated, and only one thing is certain: it cannot be stopped. Weather or Not investigates the most notorious, terrifying and deadly natural weather disasters that the world has ever seen. With chilling detail, each standalone episode takes you moment-by-moment through the events of two real-life extreme disasters: from their early warnings, to the discovery of the last remaining survivors.

Motive to Murder (78 x half hour) is an international exploration of some of the world’s most fascinating murder cases. We read about them in the morning papers, see them on the evening news – but what do we really know about the people who are capable of cold-blooded murder? And what of the men and women who go to extraordinary lengths to bring these killers to justice? Motive to Murder takes a fascinating, fast-paced and forensic look into some of the real-life murder cases that have made headlines around the world: from crimes of passion and opportunistic slayings, to motiveless murders and acts of terrorism.

Autopsy of a Murder (52 x half hour) is a heart-racing narrated series where forensic pathologists use autopsies to reconstruct a crime and solve a murder. Each episode begins with the biggest clue of all: the body. We show how evidence from an autopsy can lead to the identification of a prime suspect. Experts in the fields of pathology, forensics, and law enforcement are interviewed to show how investigators crack a case when the body is the only piece of direct evidence available, and features archival footage, real evidence and convincing reenactments of true crimes.

In Murderous Mistresses (52 x half hour), when men stray, they pay. Featuring impassioned murder cases from around the world, the women have it in for their men as wives of cheating husbands, aggrieved mistresses and girlfriends out for revenge cause carnage. Each episode of Murderous Mistresses tells the steamy story of a love affair that goes wrong and leads to murder.

About > Bellum Entertainment 

Bellum Entertainment is an independently owned production and distribution company based in Burbank CA that specializes in development, production and distribution of television projects for broadcast, international, cable, digital and ancillary markets.