Red Arrow International has acquired the rights to distribute Norwegian comedy series “Samurai Security”. On air on the largest commercial television station in Norway and produced by Rubicon TV – the creators of international hit series and Gullruten winner “Lilyhammer” – “Samurai Security” outperformed TV2’s channel average by up to 96 per cent.

“Samurai Security” introduces four dysfunctional mall cops from Oslo, Norway. Led by Afghanistan veteran Kato Haugen, they quickly realize they have no chance of being the best – so they must be the cheapest.

 Anne Kolbjørnsen, Head of Scripted at Rubicon TV says “Samurai Security has been a dream project for us. A fantastic script from Anne Bjørnstad, one of the creators behind ‘Lilyhammer’, great actors, two of which we know well from ‘Lilyhammer’, and a dedicated crew have created what has become a successful comedy for Rubicon and our broadcaster, TV 2. The Samurai-universe is warm-hearted, humorous, and completely catastrophic, as Kato Haugen struggles to crack the code of what makes a good mall cop.”

Irina Ignatiew, Managing Director, Global Scripted Distribution at Red Arrow International says: “Our first cooperation with Rubicon – ‘Lilyhammer’ – was picked up in over 150+ countries and proved that our partnership was more than successful. I am thrilled to continue our relationship through their newest project ‘Samurai Security’, which is bound to leave no eye dry.” 

About “Samurai Security”

Kato Haugen is Head of Security at a midsized shopping mall in Oslo. The ex-soldier runs his dysfunctional crew of mall cops at “Samurai Security” just like a SWAT team.

Initially, Kato was looking forward to catching crafty criminals and violent drug addicts. But the team soon finds that the real enemy is in fact the customers, the employees and, last but not least, the Norwegian government, with its outrageous demands of authorization and payroll taxes.

Additionally, Kato quickly realizes that there are already many good security companies out there, so his goal is not to be the best security team – it’s to be the cheapest. As he says: It shouldn’t cost the shirt off your back, to protect the shirt on your back. 

He soon discovers that being the cheapest security company in Norway doesn’t exactly bring the cash rolling in. As Kato struggles to keep the company afloat, his bumbling team take on duties far beyond that of a mall cop to save their jobs. Soon, they will do anything from delivering takeout food to stripping – anything it takes!

The mall cops may not be able to face up to the competition when it comes to quality, but nothing can stop Kato and his crew from maintaining law, order and their livelihoods.

About Rubicon TV

Rubicon TV is one of the largest production companies in Norway, and a part of Shine Nordics, owned by British Shine Group. Rubicon TV produce scripted and entertainment for all the big Norwegian media houses, as well as Netflix. Rubicon is behind great successes like “Lilyhammer”, “Eternal Glory”, “Luxury Trap”, “The Amazing Race Norway”, “Golden Goal” and “Masterchef”.