Sweden and the Netherlands have secured the rights to Red Arrow International’s factual series “Birth Day”.

SVT in Sweden and VPRO in the Netherlands have both bought this ambitious series which follows the emotional journey of new parents and their babies in different cultures around the world.

Produced by Sultan Sushi for Eén in association with Red Arrow International, the series premiere in Belgium proved a success for Eén, gaining a market share of up to 29% across the season. The series is due to go on air on VPRO on May 24, 2015.

Tim Gerhartz, Senior Sales Manager UK, Scandinavia, Benelux says “With its unique approach and intimate setting, ‘Birth Day’ is a fascinating look at what new life means in different cultures across the world. I’m delighted that its universal themes are resonating with international broadcasters.”


About “Birth Day”

364,501 children are born every day: 5 per second, 300 per minute. Having kids is a universal theme but differs from country to country. Each episode of “Birth Day” takes place in different parts of the world as well-known journalist and photographer Lieve Blancquaert accompanies families and establishes a deep connection with mothers of newborns. Through introducing the audience to the environment surrounding the children’s upbringings, “Birth Day” offers an intimate portrait of family life, culture and life on Earth – from the delivery room to the homes of the newborns.