Red Arrow International’s factual slate is headed to over 40 countries with ongoing negotiations over the globe.

ViaSat has secured rights to the magazine, “How It Works”, for Russia, Poland, Ukraine and 32 other territories. Meanwhile, rights to “The Indestructibles” have been secured by Kompas TV in Indonesia, Denmark’s DR3, and Singapore’s MediaCorp. 

 From magazines to specials, “The Man Who Streaked The World” will travel to NTV in Japan, Denmark’s DR2, TV 4 Sweden and Israel’s yes docu (DBS), and “Playground Murder Plot” will air on Sweden’s TV4.

Jens Richter, Managing Director at Red Arrow International says: “Boosting our factual lineup with more original English content was an important strategic move. We’re travelling everywhere – awesome!”

 How It Works (40 x 25’)

Ever wondered how a Swatch watch is made, how the steel girders of a skyscraper work, or how to put together a wind turbine’s giant rotor blades? Each episode of “How It Works” offers a comprehensive, informative and entertaining insight into how the world ticks and clicks. It was initially produced for National Geographic UK by Bullseye TV Productions.

The Indestructibles (10 x 60’)

With harrowing eyewitness accounts and state-of-the-art graphics, “The Indestructibles” recreates disastrous incidents and provides fascinating information about physical and psychological human responses to extreme conditions and the physics behind such disasters. Commissioned for National Geographic Channel by Story House Productions, two specials of the Sciencetainment Series have also been broadcasted on Fox.

The Man Who Streaked The World (1 x 45’)

Originally produced for Channel 4 by NERD and Middlechild Productions, “The Man Who Streaked The World” follows Mark Roberts on his streaking escapades over the decades. But when you have streaked the world – where else is there left for you to go? He is on the scout out for a place to have his final streak.

Playground Murder Plot (1 x 45’)

In April 2010, in a small town in Indiana, 12-year-old Paul Gingerich helped his friend, 15-year-old Colt Lundy, to shoot and kill his stepfather. With unprecedented access to the lives of both boys, their families, and the on-going court case, “Playground Murder Plot” uniquely documents the crime and its aftermath. “Playground Murder Plot” was originally produced for Channel 4 by NERD.