Red Arrow International’s renovation competition with a twist, “House Rules”, is on its way to Russia’s Free TV broadcaster REN TV. “House Rules” features six couples putting their homes on the line for a life-changing prize: full payment of their mortgage.

Repeatedly outperforming “The Voice of Australia”, season 2 of Seven Network’s “House Rules” has rapidly become Australia’s number one weeknight show. With shares of up to 29 percent, season 2 of “House Rules” saw an overall audience increase of 19 percent. The format has also been picked up by Fremantle Media in France.

 Shakira Hoffmann, Senior Sales Manager, CEE says: “After hitting the nail on the head in Australia, ‘House Rules’ is now on its way to yet another major territory! With its win-win package, ‘House Rules’ is an excellent brand, offering a multitude of sponsorship possibilities and online extensions. I am extremely pleased that our friends at REN TV will be the first to adapt this great format in Eastern Europe.”

House Rules

House Rules sees 6 couples put the most important possession of their lives – their homes – on the line. And all for a huge, life-changing prize: full payment of their mortgage.

Together, they travel across the country. Each week one couple hands over the keys to their own home to their competitors, who do a complete renovation in seven days.

Each homeowner issues their own set of “House Rules” – a list of dos and don’ts of what is allowed during the renovation. But rules are meant to be broken! How far can each team go? A hard-core group of professionals, as well as the homeowners themselves, will judge the result. Will the teams return to a dream house – or to their worst nightmare?


REN TV is one of the largest private Russian TV channels, with a potential audience of more than 120 million viewers, a member of National Media Group – one of the largest private media holdings in Russia, which consolidates the assets of key segments in the Russian media market.

REN TV has always been called “different” with regard to the products that it offers to the viewers and with regard to the grid as well. At the moment the peculiarity of REN TV grid is based on the fact that it is actually not afraid of experiments.

REN TV is following the world’s mainstream of TV series and programs. We offer to the viewers the variety of the best and most popular shows like: “Supernatural”, “Spartacus”, “Game of Thrones”, “A Young Doctor’s Notebook“, “The Walking dead”, “Hell’s Kitchen”, “Four weddings” etc…