Red Arrow Studios International has picked up the worldwide distribution rights (excluding German-speaking territories) to an exclusive interview with sporting superstar Boris Becker on his release from a UK prison.

The legendary sportsman will record the world’s only interview with German channel SAT.1 on his return to Germany. It will broadcast in a special slot at 20.15pm on Tuesday, December 20, 2022, on Germany’s SAT.1 and Joyn.

Speaking in both German and English to TV presenter Steven Gätjen (pictured left), Boris Becker will speak about his time in prison. Shortly after returning to his home country, the tennis legend will answer the questions that interest everyone exclusively on SAT.1. What was his life like in an English prison? Why did he end up in prison? What did he miss the most? What was he surprised not to miss? What did Boris Becker learn during his time in prison?

SAT.1 Editor-in-Chief Juliane Eßling said: “Boris Becker is perhaps the greatest hero in German sport. We all know the incredible ups and downs in his life. We are familiar with Boris Becker. But SAT.1 will not talk about him – but with him. I’m delighted that Boris Becker has placed his trust in us for the first and only interview in the world after perhaps the most difficult time in his life.”

Tim Gerhartz, managing director of Red Arrow Studios International added: Boris Becker is a sporting legend, a six-time Grand Slam winner who is almost as well known for his antics off the court as he is for his sporting prowess. We are delighted to be able to offer our clients this compelling interview with such a controversial and complex character who has fascinated viewers around the world.