Redseven Entertainment is launching its first scripted drama: the eight episode family drama Friedmanns Vier, starring Tom Beck (Alarm für Cobra 11, You Are Wanted, Einstein), will premiere on December 19, 2021 on the streaming platform RTL+ (formerly TVNOW). In 2022, the German channel VOX will air all episodes on free-to-air TV.

Friedmanns Vier, a touching family drama and coming-of-age story, follows Mischko Friedmann (Tom Beck) who loses his beloved wife Emma (Picco von Groote) in a tragic accident. He is left to take care of their three daughters alone: Maya (Anna-Lena Schwing), Tilda (Kya-Celina Barucki) and Carla (Amadeo*Leo Arndt), who not only struggle with their mother’s loss but also with growing up – each of them in their own way. Maya nearly goes off the rails, Tilda falls in love for the first time and 11-year-old Carla feels misplaced in her female body and realizes she is transgender.

Jobst Benthues, CEO of Redseven Entertainment: “With our first fictional in-house production, we are expanding our portfolio into a new and highly sought after genre. Friedmanns Vier fulfils a long held vision of ours and sets a standard for Redseven’s way of creating scripted content. It was a pleasure to work with the team from RTL Germany, who have shown great confidence in us from the very beginning. Many thanks also to the great cast, without whom we could not have created this truly contemporary and diverse story. We hope viewers will take The Friedmanns to their hearts as much as we have.”

Hauke Bartel, Head of Fiction at RTL Germany: “We’re thrilled that Berit, Jobst and their team at Redseven have trusted us with their first fictional outing and we’re delighted that our streaming service RTL+ will be the German home for The Friedmanns, a family that we have grown to love very dearly.”

The series was written by Berit Walch, Head of Development, Entertainment & Fiction at Redseven Entertainment. She is also the co-producer, alongside Jobst Benthues. The series was directed by Alexander Costea. The eight episodes were filmed in Munich and the surrounding areas from June to October 2021.