Munich, March 31, 2008. SevenOne International has sold the Sat.1 telenovela “Love is in the Air” to Indian TV station FIRANGI. FIRANGI has bought all 123 episodes, and will start showing the soap opera on April 14, 2008. The program will be a Hindi-dubbed version of the German original. SevenOne International has already sold “Love is in the Air” to broadcasters in Italy, Belgium and Poland.

Jens Richter, Managing Director of SevenOne International said: “We’re delighted that ‘Love is in the Air’ will now have a chance to take Indian Television by storm. The show is a telenovela with a youthful, contemporary narrative take, attractive characters and lots of feeling – the best in TV entertainment.”

Said Rajeev Chakrabarti, Business Head FIRANGI: “At FIRANGI we aim to showcase contemporary stories from around the world. The youthful, romantic telenovela ‘Love is in the Air’ is sure to take Indian audiences by storm with its fresh story line.”

Love is in the Air

Nelly’s wedding falls apart when her fiancé cheats on her with her best friend shortly before the ceremony. So she throws over her old life and heads for Berlin. There she gets a job as a flight attendant and meets three men in succession, all of whom somehow seem perfect – but which one is really Mr. Right?

This May, shooting will begin on the new Sat.1 telenovela “In Liebe Lena” (working title). In 2005, Sat.1 premiered “That’s Life,” the first German telenovela, and the most successful one ever. So far SevenOne International has sold “That’s Life” to broadcasters to 8 countries. The show has been drawing audience shares as high as 55 percent on TF1 in France.