Munich, October 4, 2010. Building on its success, TVNorge will be airing a second season of “Culture Shock: Norway” in fall 2011. The first season of “Culture Shock: Norway” was by far the most watched program on TV Norge in 2010. The weekly prime-time series reached outstanding market shares of up to 40 percent (12-44) on TV Norge, outperforming the channel’s average by 412 percent.

Jens Richter, Managing Director SevenOne International: “I cannot wait to see the second season of “Culture Shock: Norway” launching – it’s a great and innovative show!”

Jarle Nakken, Head of Programming TV Norge: “I am very pleased with the fact that we are making a new fantastic season of the series. The program generated great interest among our audience and since we asked for suggestions from our viewers at Facebook our site has been flooding with ideas from the viewers.”

Culture Shock: Norway

When cultures clash, comedy abounds: In the reality show “Culture Shock: Norway” (produced by Monster Entertainment), a group of the disoriented Norwegian-Americans is dropped into Norway to complete a series of extreme physical and fun challenges. In the final episode, the winner finally reunites with his long-lost relatives in Norway.