Munich, March 3, 2011. SevenOne International now has its own company in the USA. Caroline Kusser will head the North American business and the newly founded SevenOne International Inc. Kusser previously served as regional sales director for ProSiebenSat.1 programming sales. SevenOne International’s U.S. expansion is in line with the organization’s three major strategic goals:

1. To expand its network of local broadcasters and producers in order to bring more programs from the SevenOne International portfolio to US TV. Earlier this year SevenOne International sold Dick de Rijk’s TV show You Deserve It to ABC, and the hit SAT.1 series Danni Lowinski to The CBS Television Studios.

2. To significantly enlarge SevenOne International’s portfolio of English-language content so it can expand its sales network in major TV markets such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Consequently, SevenOne International will be acquiring programming from third-party US providers for distribution. A current example is the television movie event William & Kate about the upcoming British royal wedding. SevenOne International is co-producer of this U.S. film, and also holds world distribution rights.

3. To cooperate with local production companies, and also offer stations the opportunity to make their own versions of SevenOne International programs.

“We plan to significantly expand our programming presence in English-language markets,” said Jens Richter, managing director of SevenOne International: We’ve repeatedly sold various light entertainment shows in the United States and the United Kingdom. We now hope to repeat that success in fiction programming. These two major TV markets almost never dub foreign programming, so by substantially expanding our portfolio of English-language content, we will break through the language barrier. Opening our Los Angeles office is the first important step toward achieving that goal.”