Munich, November 15, 2007. After just having finished shooting “Guerilla” with Steven Soderbergh, Franka Potente stars in ProSieben’s new anti-war event movie “The Bridge”. The star famed for international blockbusters like “The Bourne Identity” or “Blow” and award-winning films as “Run, Lola, Run” (German Film Prize, Bambi, etc.) plays a teacher who has a secret relationship with one of her students. When he is drafted into the Wehrmacht for a last-stand battle, she tries to save him from certain death. SevenOne International is distributing the high budget production worldwide, which is based upon a true story.

Says Franka Potente: “Generally you have to be cautious about remakes, but this film really attracted me. First of all it has a strong relevance to current events – after all, it’s about the senselessness of war. Seven boys who aren’t even of age defend a bridge from the Americans even though their battle is hopeless right from the start. Second, I think it’s good that this important film is being shown on TV instead of in the theater. That way millions of people will see it and learn from it.”

Said Jens Richter, Managing Director of SevenOne International: “We are thrilled about Franka Potente playing the lead role in ‘The Bridge’. With a superb cast, a contemporary treatment and a modern adaptation, ProSieben has come up with an incredibly gripping anti-war drama event. Based on a true story, the movie’s anti-war theme has lost none of its relevance.”

The filming of the modern remake of Gregor Dorfmeister’s autobiographical novel has just been finished filming under director Wolfgang Panzer in Latvia. In addition to the 33-year-old Potente, major roles in the film are played by up-and-coming actors François Goeske (“Treasure Island”), Robert Höller (“Rage”: winner of the Adolf Grimme Prize and Golden Camera, among other awards), and Florian Heppert (“Die wilden Kerle”). The original film, made in the fifties, was nominated for the Oscar and won a Golden Globe.

The Bridge

April 1945 – Hitler’s Germany is on the threshold of collapse. The Wehrmacht is mobilizing its last resources as Elfie Bauer (Franka Potente), a sports and music teacher, begins a relationship with her student Walter (Lars Steinhöfel). Now the 16-year-old gets drafted and will be sent to war. The educator risks everything to keep her young lover out of this senseless mission – but Walter wants to prove himself. With his friends Albert (François Goeske), Siegi (Florian Heppert), Jürgen (Daniel Axt), Karl (Toni Deutsch), Ernst (Alexander Becht) and Klaus (Robert Höller), he’s assigned to defend the bridge in front of the city gates. What was supposed to be a minor mission quickly proves to be a life-and-death battle: the Americans are advancing and open fire. But Elfie will not surrender her love or Walter’s life without a fight …