Munich, June 30, 2008. SevenOne International has sold the Spanish prime-time show “El Sexómetro” (The Sexometer) to companies in France, Belgium and a channel in Central Europe. The ProSiebenSat.1 programming sales company has been marketing the concept worldwide for Spanish production company Four Luck Banana. “El Sexómetro” aired to above-average audience shares on Spanish station Cuatro in December 2007. SevenOne International has sold “El Sexómetro” to the production firms Endemol (France) and Ded’s it (Belgium). In addition to ProSiebenSat.1 Group programming, SevenOne International also sells third-party content.

Says Jens Richter, Managing Director of SevenOne International: “’El Sexómetro’ delves into the sexual life of an entire TV nation. Based on the results of a nationwide sex survey and a fresh, prime-time format, ‘El Sexómetro’ shows how an entire nation feels about sex. We’re delighted that Luc van Bergen engaged us to market the concept worldwide.”

Says Luc van Bergen, Managing Director at Four Luck Banana: “‘El Sexómetro’ was one of the most successful shows on Spanish TV station Cuatro in 2007. The show has great international potential, and we’re delighted that SevenOne International has already sold the concept to companies in three countries.”

El Sexómetro

How many Spanish men fake their orgasms? Are women over 45 less trusting in relationships than younger women between 18 and 24? For the TV show “El Sexómetro,” Spanish channel Cuatro took a close look at Spaniards’ sex lives. Accompanied by various celebrities, Cuatro presented the results of a nationwide survey separately for men and women in two entertaining prime-time broadcasts. In the first show, only women were allowed in the studio audience, in the second show only men. The show combines the results of a scientific survey with the entertaining elements of a prime-time show. The main characteristic of “El Sexómetro” is that everybody gets involved. Celebrities andaudience members comment on the survey results, and may even reveal a personal secret or two. And the study highlights more than differences between the sexes. The show reveals regional preferences, and also tells what younger and older respondents have to say about love. The concept can be implemented in the form of two consecutive event shows or as a recurring weekly show.