Munich, April 15, 2010. SevenOne International has sold “Money Trap” (produced by Redseven Entertainment) to Bulgaria. The game show will be debuting on TV channel PR.BG on April 20, 2010. “Parichna klopka”, as the show is called in Bulgarian, is scheduled to air on Tuedays and Wednesdays at 7.45 pm.

Axel Böhm, Regional Sales Director / International Fiction Acquisition, SevenOne International: “With ‘Money Trap’, you not only have a program that works in any country. Watching the families having to spend a lot of money – and not knowing whether they will be able to keep their purchases proves to be highly entertaining. We look forward to having ”Money Trap” delight Bulgarian viewers as well.”

Liliana Slavova, head of PRO.BG: “’Money Trap’ shows not only the real life of the families and their stories, thus exposing the society status of a nation, but also reveals the reactions when these people are put in certain situations.  The show is both entertaining and serious, which makes it suitable for our target audience. In picking it up, PRO.BG continues the line of acquiring not just reality formats but programs showing real life and I am sure it will achieve strong ratings.”

Money Trap
What would you do if you had loads of cash and 24 hours to spend it? In “Money Trap” (produced by Redseven Entertainment), two families will be handed a suitcase filled with €15,000 in cash. All they have to do is spend the money on things they desire. However, there is just one drawback: Only the family with the most money remaining in the end will be able to keep their purchases…