Munich, May 16th, 2012: Clear the ring as the “Family Showdown” is about to begin! Italy’s biggest public broadcaster RAI1 picked up SevenOne International’s ”Family Showdown”. “Mi gioco la Nonna” (local title) will premiere at 9.10pm May 18th. Giancarlo Magalli will host the action-packed game show in which two families face off in thrilling matches hoping to walk away a big bundle of money. “Mi gioco la Nonna” is produced by LDM Comunicazione.

Axel Böhm, Regional Sales Director Italy, Spain and CEE: “Two families, various exciting challenges, one goal: winning a huge cash prize. We are thrilled that “Family Showdown” will air on RAI and I am sure that Italians will love this fun show as it combines the Italian’s passion for family with thrilling gameplay.”

About Family Showdown

“Family Showdown” (created by Constantin Entertainment) is an action-packed game show in which two families face off in electrifying matches, each hoping to walk away with the grand prize – a life-changing amount of cash. After having time to prepare for 36 hours the two opposing families have to compete against each other in duels involving games such as smashing windows with a Frisbee or throwing slippers into porcelain vases. Each match entails hard training, physical fitness and skill. The opposing teams consist of at least three family members from two different generations. And they have a special joker: Grandma, who helps out, whenever the rest of the family gets stuck. For each round won the families are able to rack up prize money. The family winning the last round reaches the final, where they get the chance to crack the gigantic “piggybank” containing 25.000 Euro. However, there are two empty pigs as well. Will they pick the right one?