• SevenOne International to present its portfolio at the American Film Market, October 31 – November 7

Munich, October 24, 2007. Even before the two-parter premieres on November 26 and 27, SevenOne International has sold ProSieben’s adventure event “Treasure Island” to broadcasters in over 50 countries. The countries where the special event will be seen include Spain, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary, Turkey, Greece, Thailand, Taiwan and Japan.

Said Jens Richter, Managing Director of SevenOne International: “Event programs like ‘Treasure Island’ and ‘Comet Impact’ offer top-quality, international-caliber entertainment. Not only are they narrated in up-todate ways, but their production values are first-class. Which means we supply quality – and that pays. Many stations buy our productions even before they’ve been completed. That shows how much buyers trust us. In the case of major events, sales to 50 to 100 countries are no rarity.”

SevenOne International will be presenting its portfolio at the American Film Market in Los Angeles, October 31 – November 7 (Hotel Le Merigot, Suite 238).

Other current fiction sales:

  • “Comet Impact” (producer: Darlow Smithson): Now that ProSieben, Channel 5 (UK) and Nine Network (Australia) will be showing the event movie, “Comet Impact” has sold to other TV channels in Belgium, Greece, the Russian Federation, Poland, Romania, the Slovak Republic, Turkey, in 23 countries of the Middle East, Thailand, Taiwan, and French-speaking Canada. In “Comet Impact,” a comet is heading straight for the northeastern United States – and the biggest evacuation in history begins.
  • “The Secret of Loch Ness” (producer: Rat Pack Filmproduktion; broadcaster: Sat.1): Broadcasters in nine countries have signed up for the rights to this family entertainment movie: Spain, France, Greece, Romania, Japan, of 2 Poland, Turkey, Iceland and Taiwan. In the movie, eleven year old Tim meets the 600-year-old animated character Oki.
  • “12 Signs” (producer: MR-Film; broadcaster: Sat.1), a four-part thriller, was sold to a broadcaster in Spain. Further deals are in negotiations.
  • “Bible Code” (producer: 24 frames film; broadcaster: ProSieben) was sold in post-production stage to broadcasters in 15 countries: Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Ukraine, Iran, Latvia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Slovak Republic and Norway. In “Bible Code” a young woman tries to stop an assassination plot against the Pope.
  • Even before its completion, the catastrophe “Gaping Abyss” (producer: action concept Film- und Stuntproduktion; broadcaster: ProSieben) has been sold to stations in France, Hungary, the Slovak Republic, the Russian Federation and Japan.
  • “Heat Wave” (producer: Janus Film; broadcaster: Sat.1) was sold to Thailand, several Middle Eastern countries and the Russian Federation. The movie is currently in post-production.
  • “Special Unit”: The second season of this Sat.1 action series (producer: Typhoon AG) has sold to France, Belgium, Hungary (TV2), Lithuania (BTV), the Slovak Republic, parts of the Russian Federation (Ren TV), Korea and Japan.