Munich, October 19, 2011. SevenOne International, the ProSiebenSat.1 Group’s programming sales company, successfully sold 10 one-hour episodes of “The Indestructibles” to the new German pay TV channel Spiegel TV Wissen, which went on air October 4th and is jointly owned by Spiegel TV and AUTENTIC. Produced by Storyhouse Productions, this National Geographic near-death experience series has already aired on National Geographic’s U.S. channel with two specials being also broadcast on Fox. Using real-life footage and scientific experiments, “The Indestructibles” takes a comprehensive look at the science of surviving an extreme disaster.

Dr. Patrick Hörl, managing director of AUTENTIC, notes that “It is important to us to be the first ones to present this high quality and thrilling program to our viewers in Germany.”

Bodo Braun, sales director of German-speaking territories and Turkey for SevenOne International agrees, saying “The Indestructibles is an exciting program that will fascinate German viewers with its unique stories and scientific analysis.”

The Indestructibles

Shock. Heart racing. Adrenaline pumping. Final prayers. “The Indestructibles” investigates ten real-life disastrous incidents to explain how someone could survive the seemingly unsurvivable. Deconstructing footage from each incident, we’ll reveal the hard and fast scientific principles behind these cases that defy the laws of probability. We’ll hear harrowing accounts from eyewitnesses and victims to get a 360° look at what really happened, including a skydiver who falls from almost three miles up, a helicopter split in half high above city streets, an SUV that rolls over a pedestrian, a zoo keeper attacked by hungry lions and a tourist pulled off a cliff by violent Hawaiian waves.

Our cameras will follow survivors as they search for answers to explain why they are still alive. Using detailed analysis and hands-on experiments, we’ll gain insights from experts and investigators to understand the mix of luck, coincidence and hard science behind each case. Survivors will finally understand how and why they were able to defy the odds and live to tell their tale.