Continuing to bolster its comedy output and search for new voices, Sky has commissioned a series of comedy shorts as part of its BAFTA-winning Sky Comedy Shorts program, including two shorts produced by CPL Productions in partnerships with Lickelmore Productions.

Life’s a Pitch: A neurotic, self-destructive copywriter, out of touch with his mental health, goes to increasingly idiotic extremes to save face and keep up appearances as his work life spirals out of control. Written by Nathan D’arcy Roberts, starring Jordan Stephens, Aurie Styla, Alex Theo, Shazia Mirza and Ruairi McInerney.

Diane from Accounts (w/t): A charity worker who has always been hardworking, dependable but ultimately invisible. makes one fateful decision that turns her life upside down. Who knew being bad could be so good! Written by Desiree Burch and Jayshree Patel, starring Desiree Burch.

The shorts will air on Sky Arts and YouTube in 2023. Previous successes from Sky’s Comedy Shorts programme include Dreamland, which won a BAFTA in 2018 and has since been commissioned into a full series of the same name.

Life’s a Pitch is produced by CPL Productions and Licklemor Productions. The writer and associate director is Nathan D’arcy Roberts; Antonia Miller produces, and Rosie Gaunt Mathieson directs.

Diane from Accounts is produced by CPL Productions and Licklemor Productions. The short is written by Desiree Burch and Jayshree Patel, and Antonia Miller produces.