Studio71 US has partnered with international podcast studio Paradiso for the launch of Love Under Lockdown, a six episode audio diary series following four real-life couples who are navigating the highs and lows of quarantining together amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The podcast is available now exclusively on Stitcher Premium, and from October 29 will be available on all podcast platforms, with Studio71 distributing new episodes of the series weekly.

Love Under Lockdown is both a time capsule of the strangest year of our lives, and a timeless meditation on love in all its forms. Over its six episodes, the podcast plunges us into the intimate daily lives of four couples quarantining together in the pressure cooker of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whitney and Sariy have been dating for only four months when they both contract the virus and are forced to quarantine together. Brandee and Mary have just ended their three-year relationship, but continue living peaceably together—until they start dating other people. Jess, an ER doctor who is exposed daily to the virus, makes the heart-wrenching decision to quarantine away from her fiancé and toddler to keep them safe. And Edwin and Kelcey must protect their immunocompromised son while dealing with Edwin’s job loss.

“Paradiso has an incredible track record of creating compelling original content, and I know audiences are going to be moved by such a timely and unique podcast,” said Stephen Perlstein, Vice President of Podcasts at Studio71. “It’s refreshing to see a show with so much heart, and everyone at Studio71 is proud that Love Under Lockdown found a home on our network.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Stitcher Premium and Studio71 on Paradiso’s first English-language podcast,” said Managing Director of Paradiso US, Emi Norris. “While we’re all navigating this new remote lifestyle and yearning for interpersonal connection, these four amazing couples invite listeners into their homes and inspire us with their honesty, humor, and resilience. We can’t wait for audiences to experience the ups and downs alongside them.”

“It was a thrill for Stitcher to help give voice to the ways relationships — with people we love and with ourselves — are being tested right now,” said Director of Business Development at Stitcher, Kristin Myers. “We are all experiencing the same year but this series pops a window into that living room wall you’re sick of staring at, and gives you a peek at the experience from a new place.”

The series is created by Jeanne Boëzec, and produced by Pallavi Kottamasu (Dr. Death, Lenny Says), with original scoring by French composer Cedryck Santens. Managing Director of Paradiso US, Emi Norris, served as executive producer, with story editing by Brandon Fibbs and additional production by Molly O’Keefe and Brendan Galbreath on behalf of Paradiso.