• The authors of the groundbreaking Slay in Your Lane: The Black Girl Bible follow-up their widely acclaimed guide with a new weekly, topical podcast that addresses present news while continuing to drive the conversation around the experiences of Black British women.

Studio71 UK announces today its latest podcast collaboration in Slay in Your Lane: The Podcast from multi-award-winning authors Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené who rose to prominence with their pioneering guide to life for young Black Women.

The podcast, which launches today, April 24, 2020, will explore topical news and popular culture from a Black British female perspective while expanding upon many of the same themes addressed in the Slay in Your Lane book including navigating the workplace, finances, education, health, relationships and dating. Crucially, the podcast will allow the hosts to bring their experiences into the present, allowing listeners an accessible way to engage with the subjects while getting to know the women behind the movement.

Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené released Slay in Your Lane: The Black Girl Bible to critical acclaim in 2018 through 4th Estate. It won the Groucho Maverick 2018 Award, the Marie Claire Future Shaper 2018 Award, and was shortlisted for British Book Awards Non-Fiction Lifestyle Book of the Year 2019. The book has sold over 30,000 copies across all editions and has received praise from The Guardian, The Observer, The Times, Stylist, Daily Telegraph and more.

The hosts see the launch of the podcast as a natural evolution of the Slay in Your Lane movement which has now produced two literary offerings, and a third (Slay in Your Lane Presents Loud Black Girls) due out later this year. The audio format offers an additional way for Adegoke and Uviebinené to connect with listeners, and they hope the relaxed and candid environment of the studio will reprise a similar tone to their popular live talk and panel discussions and a way to bring new voices to the discussion.

“What we were able to offer in the book – the same accounts that made people laugh and cry, validated experiences, informed their understandings – we hope we can bring to the audio space in Slay in Your Lane: The Podcast in our frank, funny and honest discussions. We’re now in our late twenties but we’re still navigating lives ourselves. We have so many experiences we want to share but we also have lots of questions and hope through Slay in Your Lane: The Podcast, we’re able to help answer them and be a voice for others – Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené.

Slay in Your Lane: The Podcast is the tenth UK podcast production from media company Studio71 UK. It joins a diverse slate of productions hosted by acclaimed young British voices such as wellness expert and Power Hour podcast coach Adrienne Herbert, pioneers of the sex-positive movement and hosts of F**ks Given, ComeCurious, and rising comedians Rosie Jones and Helen Bauer, presenters of Daddy Look at Me. The release of the Slay in Your Lane podcast is a continuation of Studio71’s commitment to providing exceptional storytellers with the opportunity to reach new audiences and believes that Slay in Your Lane: The Podcast will help to bring two more essential and underrepresented voices into the audio space.

Slay in Your Lane: The Podcast is available on Apple podcasts, Spotify, acast & all good streaming platforms. It is a Studio71 production, produced by Jack Claramunt and Winnie Simon, executively produced by Tom Payne and Jody Smith.

Listen to Slay in Your Lane: The Podcast here