Studio71 Germany is involved in a new campaign to raise awareness of the issue of domestic violence.

ProSiebenSat.1’s SevenOne Adfactory has launched the campaign in Germany, called “Silence makes you defenseless”, which aims to raise awareness of issues around domestic violence. The campaign is in support of the organization Weisser Ring, which aids victims of crime and their families.

Studio71 Germany has worked with a number of creators from their influencer network to participate in the campaign, to ensure additional reach. 

The full campaign, which is the first from a new employee-founded initiative at SevenOne Adfactory called ‘Das Home Office’, consists of TV spots, digital advertising, fundraisers with merchandise, and the influencer activation.

The campaign has also included support from a range of prominent German women, including top model Stefanie Giesinger, actress Katy Karrenbauer, television presenter Marlene Lufen and police officer Mehtap Öger.

As media partners, ProSiebenSat.1 and Außenwerber Wall are providing the campaign with free advertising space.