Studio71 Games has partnered with Janelle Jones and Sanji Moore to launch the company’s first female lead tabletop game. This highly-creative, multiplayer sandwich building card game was created on a summer night in 2010 when Moore spiced up an awkward date by blurting out the first thing she thought of… “Uhhhh what sandwich would you rather eat: turkey with pepper jack, tomato, pickled onions and mayo on ciabatta bread OR shrimp with avocado, vinegar based coleslaw and grilled zucchini in a wrap…?” Moore and her date stared at each other for a moment before he replied, “Is the shrimp fried or grilled?” The next morning, she told her long-time friend, Jones, about her new date game and Sandwich, now As You ‘Wich, was born. Fans can pre-commit to buy the game at and bring the fun, retro-looking game home to play with family, friends, and foodies alike.

“We’ve always been hesitant to call ourselves game designers but here we are after 10 years, ready to deliver our first game with the help of Studio71,” said Jones and Moore. “Making cards after work, testing gameplay with friends on the weekends, and coming up with the rules during lunch breaks has been our normal routine. It only took a decade, but when we finally got the gameplay elements right and squeezed in every opportunity for humor and fun, the sandwich stars clicked into place like the sweet kiss of mayo on bread, and As You ‘Wich is now officially ready to be served!”

“Partnering with two female game designers, one being a woman of color, is a historic moment for us at Studio71 Games and we are honored that Janelle and Sanji have entrusted us with this game that they spent over a decade working on,” added Javon Frazier, Chief Product Officer and President of Gaming at Studio71.

Building a truly great sandwich takes a lot of skill and choosing between epic sandwiches can be really challenging. In As You ‘Wich, the ultimate game for sandwich lovers, players are dealt ingredient cards, which represent their sandwich. They shop and discard ingredients and preparation methods to assemble a superior sandwich. When all the shops are closed, each chef has to name, present and defend their sandwich. All players vote for their favorite sandwich–but you can’t vote for yourself. If you can convince your opponents that yours is the best sandwich, you’ve won!

If you commit to backing the game now, you’ll receive the limited edition “Any Ingredient on Hand” card, which allows players to use any ingredient they have nearby.