Studio71 Games and Dark Horse Comics have joined forces to release a new battling card game based on the hit comic series The Umbrella Academy from Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá.

Ahead of the premiere of The Umbrella Academy Season Two on Netflix on July 31, fans can pre-commit to buy the game and bring to life the fantastical and dysfunctional world of the show in their own homes.

“We are thrilled with the continued fan response and reception to The Umbrella Academy. Our love for these stories and characters is what makes us excited for you all to get to experience them firsthand with the Studio71 Umbrella Academy Card Game,” said Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá.

The game brings together the show’s favorite seven siblings to defeat hordes of villains in cooperative battle, and gamers can play as “Five”, “Séance”, “Space Boy”, “The Rumor”, “The Horror”, “The Kraken”, or “Vanya”, each with their own unique powers.

This game continues Studio71’s push to be a key disruptor in the games industry, with past products proving to be some of the most popular board and card games based on pop-culture IP. This year alone, the company has launched Kickstarter campaigns with YouTube sensation Joey Graceffa for an Escape the Night board game based on Graceffa’s popular murder-mystery YouTube series of the same name; with Edmund McMillen for the card game Tapeworm, which generated over $1 million; with YouTube comedian and animator Alex Clark and TV writer Zach Craley for the candy-stealing card game Sugar Heist; and with Jeopardy world champion and “Greatest of all Time” Ken Jennings and Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield for the strategy board game Half Truth, which was fully funded in just three hours. Before partnering on Tapeworm, Studio71 and McMillen saw success with The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls, which raised almost $3 million in 30 days via Kickstarter and recently launched an exclusive line at Target. The company has also spearheaded Kickstarter campaigns for Joking Hazard, the second most funded card game on Kickstarter of all time, as well as Shady Agents and Pet Evil.

Fans can buy The Umbrella Academy card game here.