Studio71 US today announced the launch of new podcast Hear Me Out with RJ and Bley.

Each week, long-time friends and Conan O’Brien staffers RJ and Bley, who weirdly have no common interests, take turns introducing a subject they’re passionate about, but the other just doesn’t understand. Whether it’s camping, beer, home-ownership, or Harrison Ford, RJ and Bley use a combination of personal anecdotes, painstaking wikipedia research, and a guest expert’s opinion to convince each other the subject is absolutely worthwhile. At the end of the show, whoever is convinced (or thoroughly unconvinced) donates to the episode’s designated charity. RJ and Bley may not always agree on things they like, but this podcast is sure to make them better friends – or mortal enemies.

Studio71 launched three new podcasts this summer – Wild Wild Tech, Wild ‘Til 9 from LaurDIY, and Preloaded – as well as an exclusive partnership with The Laugh Button Podcasts.

New episodes of Hear Me Out, will be released weekly on Wednesdays, starting today. Listeners can subscribe free on Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle and Stitcher.