Studio71 has partnered with conversation platform Subtext, to power all text communication between Studio71, its network of creators and their fans.

Through the partnership, Subtext will be available to Studio71 and exclusively to its network of creators, giving them a high-touch channel to better connect with their biggest fans. The platform allows Studio71 and its network to create their own subscriber communities, share exclusive updates and financially support the work their fans love. As part of the partnership, both companies will be working together to create new tools and strategies to help creators communicate more directly with their fans.

Since launching in 2019, Subtext has established itself as a leading platform for economically sustainable conversations between journalists, thought leaders, professionals, and content creators and their biggest fans, all free from the noise of social media. Over 50MM text messages have been sent, with an average open rate of 90%.

“Studio71 has a tremendous network that understands the power of authentic connection and conversation. Today, their global network consists of 1,300 premium creator channels that drive over 11 billion monthly views with industry leading engagement rates,” said Mike Donoghue, CEO and Co-Founder of Subtext. “This partnership accelerates our ability to foster deep audience relationships. We’re redefining what is possible for brand partners and creators alike, using a channel that feels like an unfiltered conversation with a friend.”

“Subtext is reimagining how people connect and engage with each other online,” said Mike Flynn, CTO, Studio71. “By adding Subtext to our already impressive suite of solutions we’re able to foster deeper relationships with our talent.”