Studio71 Germany is producing three podcasts for new German-speaking audio-on-demand platform Fyeo (For Your Ears Only), which launched today, April 23.

Created by German media giant ProSiebenSat.1, which also owns Red Arrow Studios and Studio71, Fyeo aims to become the strongest German-language podcast and audio network.

Studio71’s podcasts include Schall und Rausch, which sees well-known YouTuber Sarazar interviewing German musician legends; Speed Dating with Davis Schulz: podcast, actor, voice actor, YouTuber and musician Davis Schulz invites guests on a date to chat with them about their calling, everyday life and the profound issues; and Marti Fischer and Steven Schuto take their second season of hit podcast Lukewarm Shower exclusively to FYEO. The podcast sees the duo give a panoramic view of a wide range of topics – with a fusion of wit, humor and appropriate seriousness.

All of the new podcasts are available free of charge, in front of the paywall.

With Fyeo, users will be able to listen to podcasts for free via the Fyeo app. In addition, Fyeo offers a premium subscription for EUR 4.99 per month, providing in-house productions, or Fyeo originals, including an HBO series in audio format. Fyeo works with a network of authors, producers and artists to develop original productions. 

Moreover, it will offer listeners investigative audio documentaries such as Suddeutsche Zeitung production “German Abyss – The NSU & Right Terror”, sport programmes such as Deutsche Presse Agentur’s “Meine Liebe, mein Verein”, and local audio on-demand platforms.

FYEO website