Studio71, a Red Arrow Studios company, today released “Studio71 Context,” the only offering for brand safety in the digital video space that fully utilizes both machines and humans to review every video for content quality and brand safety. Advertisers demand a variety of levels of brand safety not only from keywords but also to make certain their brands are running on content that is contextually relevant–Studio71 Context examines content to ascertain it’s not offensive visually or audibly, and content is also examined by a human to cross-check for brand safety contextual guardrails.

A beta of Studio71 Context was created in early 2017 and officially launched today as a response to the need of transparency into brand safety. Studio71 invested in human scanning and has spent the past year perfecting Studio71 Context. Studio71 advertisers who are running ads through this product have verified Studio71 Context to be 100 percent brand safe.

The three-step process includes:

  • First, Studio71 Context scans all text and data including titles, tags and closed-captioned descriptions for hundreds of thousands of key words that have been deemed inappropriate including curse words, hate speech and words describing violent and sexual activities.
  • Next, Studio71 Context uses visual recognition technology to scan our videos for nudity, drug use, weapons and other activities that may not appear in text.
  • Before we label a video brand safe — a human reviews it. Someone watches every video we label brand safe because human review applies the context that computers just can’t understand.

“It’s been amazing to see what Studio71 Context has been able to do since the spring of 2017. With the technology behind Context in place and continuing to improve, Studio71 is uniquely positioned to help brands connect with audiences while feeling secure in their investment,” said Reza Izad, global CEO and co-founder of Studio71.

Studio71 Context is a proprietary product developed by Mike Flynn, Chief Technology Officer of Studio71 and his team, in conjunction with Matt Crowley’s, Executive Vice President, Media Sales of Studio71 team in response to demand in market for buyers seeking better, more transparent, brand safe contextually relevant content for their advertisers. There are varied levels of Studio71 Context with the goal being to set the right application for every client and holding company.