William Mark Corporation in conjunction with Surge Licensing has teamed up with Studio71, the global media company, to manage Feisty Films™, the Feisty Pets® hit YouTube series where seemingly innocent furry pets go from Awww to Ahhh!!! Unleashing their surprise hidden emotions bearing fangs, wagging tongues and sarcastic grins in their characteristically unabashed Stuffed Attitude style to unsuspecting viewers throughout episodes, while poking fun at the absurdities of our everyday world from the POV of Feisty Pets!

Studio71 is a multi-platform premium content studio with over 11 billion monthly views globally. Studio71’s roster includes Tyler Oakley, Lilly Singh, Grace Helbig and Rhett &Link. Feisty Films™ joins the Studio71 network and under their direction, will be primed for supercharged growth. WMC, Surge and Studio71 have plans to further grow the relationship around Feisty Pets® in due time.

“The Feisty Pet brand went through a transformative year in 2018, bringing on key partners such as Scholastic and Jazwares, establishing a huge footprint in both publishing and toys,” says Surge Licensing’s VP, Elan Freedman. “Studio71 is joining the greater Feisty Pets family, as our digital media partner, becoming the 3rd pillar of an expansive worldwide brand and world building campaign. From here, the brand’s trajectory is limitless” said Freedman.

“Feisty Films allows us as Filmmakers to thrust our most mischievous Feisty Pets into role-play situations that smack into the most absurd current event situations turning the world at large upside down and inside out…the more mayhem there is out there the merrier it is for the Feisty Pets!” said Mark Forti, Feisty Pets inventor, creator and director of Feisty Films.

“We’re continuing to expand our roster of the world’s most engaging creators and diverse brands. Feisty is at the forefront of innovation and creativity, and we’re thrilled to have them join Studio71,” says Dan Weinstein, President of Studio71.

The Feisty Films series is created and produced by William Mark Corporations’ President and CEO, Mark Forti, who launched the 1st Feisty Pets interactive toy in 2016. Immediately, teens, tweens and adults of all ages discovered the toys and posted their own fan videos driving unprecedented viral success. “Feisty Films taps into the cultural zeitgeist of today capturing the essence of our brand and play pattern that parodies the absurdities of everyday life offering a fun and inventive release valve to the pressures we all face through our ‘Feisty’ lens” says Freedman.