Studio71 UK announces Bleeding on the Page an original, scripted podcast with YouTubers NitPix launching April 19. Each Bleeding on the Page episode will introduce a new script penned by the duo, performed by actors and accompanied by live sound design.

Studio71 UK announces the release of dynamic new podcast created in collaboration with creators Samuel Jones and Max Bardsley of YouTube channel NitPix. Bleeding on the Page will serve listeners a new production every episode which has been penned by the duo and is performed by actors, with live sound effects.

The episodes will delve into myriad genres, covering everything from science fiction through to horror and buddy cop movies. The scripts performed within the podcast are an exploration in the art of storytelling but seen through the off-kilter lens of NitPix, who Studio71 UK see as some of the most unique talents from the YouTube space.

Actors who will perform the dramas will include Ollie McAuley and Hope O’Hara who feature in the first episode, with different actors each week. There is additional live sound mixing and design by Jordan Peters.

NitPix are a duo from London who have been critiquing film, fandom and wider entertainment on their YouTube channel for the past two years. They have become known for their unique perspectives, amassing a following of over 210,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel with further fans across social.

For Bleeding on the Page NitPix draw on their deep passion for and vast knowledge of the film industry to create, in their words, “the scripts they’ve always wanted to see”.

NitPix will announce the launch of the first episode of Bleeding on the Page with a video trailer on their YouTube. Episode #1, ‘Bigger than a Fish’ is an absurdist look at sci-fi and specifically invasion movies and is inspired by such films as Mars Attacks, the Alien franchise and the A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Bleeding on the Page is the second podcast released by Studio71 UK this year, following Mystery on the Rocks, a mystery comedy series starring comedians Chris Stokes, Masud Milas and Sooz Kempner. This new podcast follows Power Hour with wellness professional Adrienne Herbert and F**ks Given with YouTubers Come Curious, bringing the entire slate to five podcasts since the UK division launched in 2018. Downloads across all podcasts from Studio71 UK are forecast to hit 1 million by the end of Q2.

Studio71 UK continues the global company’s commitment to producing, developing and distributing diverse and different new formats that aimed at the coveted 18-35 age bracket. Bleeding on the Page brings two more young, dynamic personalities from the online space into the podcast world, broadening Studio71 UK’s slate further.

Bleeding on the Page is a Studio71 production, produced by Jack Claramunt and executively produced by Tom Payne and Jody Smith.

Listen to the podcast trailer here: iTunes, Spotify, Video trailer