Continuing Studio71’s commitment in supporting the UK’s bravest and most exciting creators from the YouTube and digital space, Moxie has been launched to assist emerging creators to reach their full potential, strengthening their existing skills to allow them to break from their original platforms and reach greater audiences. Moxie will also help connect creators to influential players in the industry, from strategists to brands to broadcasters, allowing them to expand their ideas and build their empires while losing none of their authenticity.

Its particular focus is working with innovative, diverse and boundary-pushing content creators who reach under-served audiences and empowering those talents traditional media has overlooked. The ground-breaking creators cross the sports, fashion, lifestyle, family and entertainment verticals, and are whom Moxie considers as the storytellers of the future.

Creators signed exclusively to Moxie include the ground-breaking 7-piece parkour athletes, STORROR who have amassed an incredible 3+ million subscribers on YouTube alone for their exhilarating and breath-taking content, documenting their adventures around the world. Other creators include Come Curious, the pioneering DAZED and Cosmopolitan-backed creators boldly revolutionising the sex space and Niko Omilana, the fearless entertainment creator and documentary maker known for pranking the EDL, Trump supporters and fellow YouTubers. The Moxie roster also counts prolific YouTubers and family entertainment channels King Kenny andTheNewAdamB99, alongside Dad V Girls and fashion and lifestyle creators Alizey Mirza, Unknown Vlogs and Carl Thompson.

Studio71 recognises the potential in digital-first creators and their importance to the future landscape of broader entertainment, with Moxie acting as an incubator for rising, cutting-edge
talent. Studio71 will continue its commitment to developing, producing and distributing original formats across TV, digital and through its podcast slate, specifically covering topics of importance to the 18-24 age bracket. It will continue to uphold its strong relationships with network talent, brands and external collaborators.

James Stafford, Studio71 UK Managing Director says, “We began to cultivate a dedicated management brand for two reasons – wanting to support our most different and diverse creators, but also in response to a huge increase in demand from our brand and broadcast partners. The world doesn’t need any more photoshopped ‘influencers’ or plates of food. At Studio71, we understand there are really meaningful audiences who are completely underserved by proper TV, social and short-form content. We wanted to pursue diversity as a business model – assisting great creators to make lasting social content and then amplifying this through our work with brands and broadcasters. So far, we’re really excited about how successful that model is turning out to be.”

Moxie is part of the global media company and network Studio71 which develops, produces and distributes original programming across multiple channels, and is a Red Arrow Studios company.

The news follows a stream of production news from Studio71, which includes an 18-part A+E commissioned series for HISTORY UK starring Alec Steele and the launch of 4 successful original podcasts including ‘Power Hour’ with Adrienne Herbert and ‘F**ks Given’ fronted by Come Curious, both of which debuted in the Top 10 in the iTunes podcast charts in 2018.

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