Studio71 US has launched a new weekly series called The Podcap.

Commissioned by live-streaming gaming, esports, sports and entertainment service Caffeine, the live series premiered yesterday and airs Wednesdays at 2pm PT (US).

The two-hour show features four YouTube creators, with a total of 21 million social followers: ReactionTime (Tal Fishman), Infinite Lists (Caylus Cunningham), The General (Jason Wilhelm), and Adi Fishman. The show includes interviews with top gamers and rising YouTube stars, reaction segments and competitive video game face-offs — all of which will make use of Caffeine’s interactive chatting features.

The Podcap is produced by Studio71 US’ Nick Jacklin and Adam Boorstin. Segments of the live show will subsequently be distributed on YouTube, and in an accompanying podcast, starting next month.