The hit 1980’s comedy Mr. Mom is being revived as a new digital series produced by Studio71 US and MGM, as part of a new partnership between MGM and Walmart-owned streaming platform Vudu.

Vudu made the announcement Wednesday at NewFronts West. Vudu recently announced that they have partnered with MGM, to create a slate of short-form scripted content adapted from a library of classic MGM intellectual property that offers the opportunity to serialize everything from James Bond to The Pink Panther.

Mr. Mom was a hit film that featured Michael Keaton as a father who bumbles his way through the stay-at-home parenting of daughter Megan, when his wife (Teri Garr) returns to the world of work. Mr. Mom was written by John Hughes, who would go on to create classic 1980’s fare including Home Alone.

The digital series will be a continuation of the story, following Megan (Andrea Anders) and Greg (Hayes MacArthur) as a couple at a parenting crossroads. After five years raising their two kids at home, Megan unexpectedly has landed her dream job. Greg’s career is anything but a dream job so, after several failed attempts at securing child care, he abruptly quits in order to take his turn as the stay-at-home parent. He’s thrust headlong into a world of tantrums, diapers and cheese sticks — all while finally attempting to get his start-up off the ground. Megan quickly finds out just how much has changed as she re-enters a workplace filled with overeager millennials and strange new terms like Slack and hot-desking. It’ll take all the patience these two parents can muster as they try to raise their kids, make ends meet and find a little time for their marriage.

The series launches on Thursday, September 12 on Movies On Us, Vudu’s ad-supported platform, and will cater to Walmart’s family-friendly audience and feature shoppable ads.

MGM and Studio71 are partnering with Vudu on the series, written by Mike Culbert, Mike Pellettieri and Leslie Rathe.  Executive producers include Studio71’s Michael Schreiber and Reza Izad.