France’s TF1 launches a local version of Red Arrow International’s crime procedural “The Last Cop”. “Falco” (local title) will premiere June 20th at 8.50 pm featuring TV star Sagamore Stévenin as cop Alexandre Falco. Beaubourg Audiovisuel is producing the French version.

Aline Avedikian, Regional Sales Manager for France at Red Arrow International says, “’The Last Cop’ has been a smash hit in Germany for years. The idea of a macho cop who suddenly wakes up after 20 years in a coma and clashes with modern times – and methods – perfectly fits the worldwide retro trend. No doubt TF1 will do an excellent job at the remake of ‘The Last Cop.’”

With shares of up to 181% above channel average and a fifth season commissioned, “The Last Cop” is one of the most successful series for Germany’s Sat.1. Last month, TNT announced, that a local version of “The Last Cop” is part of its new development slate for the U.S. Fabrik Entertainment together with Fox Television Studios are producing the series for TNT, with Sylvester Stallone being one of the Executive Producers alongside Kevin King, Mikkel Bondesen, Henrik Bastin, Chris Fedak (writer) and Kristen Campo (co-executive producer). Other sales include the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Ukraine.

The Last Cop

In the late 1980s, young cop Mick Brisgau is seriously injured during a mission and ends up in a permanent coma. 17 years later, completely out of the blue, he suddenly wakes up – to a different world. The 21st century comes as a huge shock to macho Mick, who has never heard of things like the Internet or DNA. Modern women are tough cookies, while the men are all wimps.