Warner Bros. Discovery ANZ is excited to announce that Married at First Sight New Zealand is coming back to ThreeNow and Three in 2024.

Vicki Keogh, Warner Bros. Discovery Senior Director of Commissioning ANZ says, “We’re excited to bring a local version of this incredible format to ThreeNow and Three. It promises not only the suspense, drama, and emotional rollercoaster that fans have come to expect, but this time will have a strong Kiwi twist balancing humour and heart to deliver to a New Zealand sensibility. Ultimately this is a quest for true love.”

Married at First Sight New Zealand is a social experiment that challenges participants to put their trust in a team of relationship experts who will scientifically match them with potential life partners. After meeting at the altar for the first time in marriage, the couples will navigate the complexities of married life, including moving in together, meeting each other’s families, and facing the ups and downs that come with any relationship.

Viewers can expect Married at First Sight New Zealand to deliver a thrilling blend of romance, suspense, humour and heartfelt moments as the couples strive to turn their instant connections into lasting love stories with success being the ultimate goal.

MAFS NZ will be produced by Warner Bros. International TV Production NZ, based on a format created by Snowman Productions, a Seven.One Studios company. The Married at First Sight format is distributed worldwide by Red Arrow Studios International.