Munich, April 16, 2012. What if Barbie was a real woman? What if the Titanic never sank? What if butchers were like rock stars? Canadians are ready to laugh as Canada’s commercial broadcaster V picked up SevenOne International’s sketch comedy “What if?”. Created by the International Emmy Award and Rose d’Or winning producer of “Benidorm Bastards”, “What if?” is already a smash hit in Belgium and the Netherlands.

“At V, our strategy evolves around the pleasure of entertainment. ’What if?’  presents funny situations and takes humour to a level that French Canadians enjoy. We are really looking forward to see ’What if?’ with our local talent and we truly believe that our viewers will spend a good time with this show”, says Diane Patenaude, Communication Director and Spokesperson for the station.

Caroline Kusser, Director North America at SevenOne International: “Created by Emmy Award winning comedy genius Tim van Aelst ’What if?’ is a fresh and funny sketch comedy presenting us with a slightly altered reality. It already has a proven track record in Belgium and the Netherlands and I am absolutely positive the Canadians will love this Rose d’Or nominated show.”

About “What if?”

Rose d’Or nominated “What if?” is an imaginative rollercoaster of sketches, transporting viewers into a completely new and different world: Starting each sketch with the question “What if”, it shows a hilarious reality that never happened, but easily could have.

The smash hit comedy created by Tim Van Aelst (“Benidorm Bastards”) scored skyrocketing ratings on 2BE, tripling its channel average. “What if?’s” reruns on vtm at 10.30pm still reached 45,6% in the commercial target group (18 – 54) exceeding the channel average by 210%. The first international launch in the Netherlands outperformed RTL4’s channel average by 175%, reaching shares of up to 26,2% in the commercial target group.