Academy Award-nominee Michael Keaton has been tapped to narrate WINGS 3D, an ambitious new IMAX film about birds traveling across “North America’s Amazon”, produced by Dorsey Pictures and Archipelago Films. The project is set to begin production later this month.

Told over a seasonal year, Wings 3D will explore the prairies of western Canada and the Dakotas, home to what biologists call North America’s Amazon – a little known region dotted by thousands of small ponds and wetlands created by glaciers some 10,000 years ago. More than half the continental population of waterfowl originate in this 276,000-square mile region of North America. Wings 3D will follow the life cycles and interwoven stories of bird species using the most advanced visual techniques available, as they travel across mountains, deserts and oceans–the cameras following them in the air, on land, and under water.

An immersive IMAX/Giant Screen film, Wings 3D promises to change the way we think about birds, by soaring with them on their epic migrations throughout North America and observing rare behaviors in their stunningly beautiful and largely unknown wetland habitats.

“We’re delighted to get this momentous project off the ground with the best team in the business,” said Chris Dorsey of Dorsey Pictures. “Because few people on our continent know just how important – and fragile – these habitats are for tens of millions of wild birds that fly across our continent and into our daily lives. Through the magic of the medium, we hope to entertain and inspire generations to protect these vital ecosystems.”

Wings 3D will be executive produced by Archipelago Films (Backyard Wilderness) and Dorsey Pictures (Building Alaska) with SK Films (Bugs 3D, Flight of the Butterflies 3D, Amazon Adventure 3D), a global leader in the Giant Screen industry, set to distribute. Academy Award-nominated, Emmy Award-winning filmmakers Susan Todd and Andrew Young, the acclaimed team behind Backyard Wilderness, are set to direct the film. Dorsey Pictures’ CEO Chris Dorsey will also executive produce.