Air Productions, a Banijay Group company, has acquired “The Lie” – the first quiz show without questions. Following a deal brokered by Banijay International, Air Productions, headed up by founder and popular host Nagui, will develop the format for French audiences. Developed in the UK by STV, TV3 and GroupM Entertainment, “The Lie” has been a huge hit with Irish audiences, exceeding the slot average on Irish channel TV3 by up to 32%. A second season has already been commissioned.

Tobias Schulze, Senior Sales Manager, France at Red Arrow International says: “Air Productions is a leading player in the world of game shows and entertainment – they are the perfect partner to produce ‘The Lie’. This unique concept has already won over audiences across Scotland and Ireland – we’re delighted that Air Productions in France will now add to those successes.”

Fanny Baudry, Global Acqusitions Manager, Banijay International, says: “We are thrilled to develop the French adaptation of ‘The Lie’ together with Red Arrow. The game show space is very competitive and the very straight-forward gameplay of ‘The Lie’ immediately caught our attention. This is a very unique and effective game show, Nagui and his team at Air Productions are proud to bring it to French viewers.”

About The Lie

Can you separate fact from fiction? Faced with two statements, can you identify which one is a lie? How about if there are 3 statements or 4, or 5, or 6?

This brand new game show gives a team of 2 contestants the chance to win big money – all they have to do is survive an incredibly tense series of rounds, risking an increasing amount of money on their ability to spot “The Lie”.

In each round, the pair faces a series of statements in a chosen category – from pop culture to current affairs. There is only one lie, but as the contestants get closer to the jackpot, the number of true statements increases and, with it, the number of pitfalls.

Wrongly identify truth as fiction, and you may leave with nothing. But with knowledge, teamwork, strategy and a little bit of luck, you may win “The Lie” and walk away with the jackpot.