• ƒ Show launch in Sweden was a great success with a market share of 39.5 percent

Munich, September 11, 2008. France’s largest TV station, TF1, will be airing the ProSieben hit “Beat your Host!” live as a major prime time broadcast in 2008. Following Britain (ITV) and Sweden (Kanal 5), this is already the third foreign version in 2008. In Benjamin Castaldi, TF1 has gained one of France’s best-known broadcasting personalities to challenge all comers. TF1 will air the show under the title “Qui peut battre Benjamin Castaldi?”

While France is still preparing the first show, two days ago “Beat your Host!” premiered in Sweden on Kanal 5 with a market share of 39.5 percent (market share YTD 2008 Kanal 5: 12.6%). During peak times more than one Million people watched the show. The Swedish version “Vem kan slå Filip och Frederik” is therefore the most successful inhouse production of Kanal 5 of all-times.

Said Jens Richter of SevenOne International: “France is one of Europe’s most important markets, and we’re excited ‘Beat your Host!’ will be appearing on the market leader TF1. Benjamin Castaldi’s popularity makes him an outstanding celebrity challenger – he and the French audience will have a lot of fun with what is one of the most innovative programming concepts on TV today. We are also delighted that “Beat your Host!” debuted so strongly in Sweden yesterday.”

SevenOne International has sold “Beat your Host!” (producer: Raab TV/BRAINPOOL) for broadcast in 12 countries so far, including the UK, the Netherlands and Denmark. The concept is marketed internationally under the title “Beat your Host!”

Beat your Host!

Something new under the sun – the audience vs. the host. On “Beat your Host!”, a contestant duels the star for breathtaking amounts of money. The minimum prize on the German version of the show is EUR 500,000. If the host wins, the prize money goes into the jackpot. A challenger who wins takes the cash home. Victory in the competition depends on a number of factors in several areas – skills, sports, knowledge, daring, and not least of all, sheer luck. Which means that contestants need both brains and brawn to win.