Munich, May 29, 2008. SevenOne International has sold the ProSieben hit “Beat your Host!” to Sweden. Kanal 5 will launch the show this fall in a prime-time weekend slot, under the title “Vem kan slå Filip och Fredrik” (“Who Can Beat Filip and Fredrik?”). The competing hosts will be comic team Filip and Fredrik, who will alternately play against a competitor from the audience. The two are already hosting a hit show on Kanal 5 (“100 höjdare”: 100 Highlights), and enjoy cult status in Sweden for their offbeat humor. Kanal 5 will be producing “Vem kan slå Filip och Fredrik” with a staff of 100, in a Stockholm studio measuring 5,375 m2 . STO-CPH will serve as executive producer.

Jens Richter, Managing Director of SevenOne International: “‘Beat your Host!’ went on the air in Germany barely two years ago, with consistently sensational audience shares. The ratings have drawn attention from beyond our borders. And ‘Beat your Host!’ also works internationally because it’s innovative and surprising.”

Lars Beckung, Managing Director at Kanal 5: “We liked the ‘Beat your Host!’ concept right at first sight. There’s never been anything comparable on Swedish TV. Filip and Fredrik are ideal contestants – they’re really not good losers at all, and they’ll do anything they have to beat an opponent.”

Fredrik Wikingsson, show host: “It will be a blast to challenge the Swedish TV nation. Filip and I are hardly what you’d call superheroes. But together as a team we’re almost unbeatable.”

SevenOne International has sold “Beat your Host” (producer: Raab TV/BRAINPOOL) for broadcast in 12 countries so far, including the UK, the Netherlands and Denmark. The concept is marketed internationally under the title “Beat Your Host!”

Beat your Host!

Something new under the sun – the audience vs. the host: on “Beat your Host!,” a contestant duels the star for breathtaking amounts of money. The minimum prize on the German version of the show is EUR 500,000. If the host wins, the prize money goes into the jackpot. A challenger who wins takes the cash home. Victory in the competition depends on a number of factors in several areas – skills, sports, knowledge, daring, and not least of all, sheer luck.

“Beat your Host!” has been airing on ProSieben since September 2006 and has reached market shares of up to 31.5 percent. The show boasts an average share of 24.5 percent (viewers age 14-49), making it the most successful launch in more than four years.