Cannes/Munich, March 30, 2009. France 2 will soon be turning SevenOne International’s sciencetainment show “Clever!” into a daily show. Starting on April 6, the French broadcaster will air a 45-minute version of the international smash hit under the title “Incroyables Expériences”, Monday through Friday at 6 p.m. The show will be hosted by Tania Young and well-known French TV celebrity Jamy Gourmaud. The French version of “Clever!” has been fascinating viewers since October 2008, when it debuted on France 2 as a two-hour prime-time show. The show is marketed worldwide by SevenOne International.

Jens Richter, Managing Director of SevenOne International: “We are thrilled about the obvious success of “Clever!” in France and are convinced that “Incroyables Expériences” will be a daily must-see on France 2. The concept of the show has been working perfectly in many countries: Convey science in an entertaining way, and have it presented by TV celebrities such as France 2’s Jamy Gourmaud, and you’ll have viewers glued to the screen!”

SevenOne International has already sold “Clever!” to 20 countries, including Italy, Spain, Russia and Australia. The Chinese station CCTV has aired a dubbed version of the German show.


Debuting on German TV channel Sat.1, “Clever!” (produced by Constantin Entertainment) has turned into an international hit format. The edutainment show presents the mysteries of science in a highly entertaining way. Celebrities puzzle over the right answers to questions of everyday life, while a well-known comedian demonstrates scientific phenomena in spectacular outdoor and studio experiments.