Iconic Comedian Gilbert Gottfried Profiled in Neil Berkeley’s Documentary Which Recently Debuted At The 2017 Tribeca Film Festival

Gravitas Ventures has acquired North American rights to Gilbert, the wildly funny and unexpectedly poignant portrait of the life and career of one of comedy’s most iconic figures, Gilbert Gottfried. Coming off its critically acclaimed showing at the Tribeca Film Festival, they have slated it for a theatrical release in September as well as a VOD and DVD release in 4Q. Gottfried is joined throughout the film by a who’s who of comedy icons including Whoopi Goldberg, Richard Belzer, Lewis Black, Susie Essman, Arsenio Hall, Anthony Jeselnik and many more.

Legendary comedian Gilbert Gottfried has had quite the career. Rocketing to fame in the 1980s, he was thrust into the public consciousness almost immediately thanks to his brash personality, unique worldview, and off-kilter comic timing. Now, foul-mouthed and unapologetic after decades of flying solo in both his work and in his personal life, Gilbert has shockingly reinvented himself…as a family man.

Gilbert reveals an unexpected side to the iconic comedian. The film peeks behind the larger-than-life persona at a more personal story about growing up in Brooklyn and becoming a husband and father late in life. Gottfried’s singular outlook on life and his ability to bring humor to even the darkest situations has, at times, gotten him into trouble. Still he soldiers on, an expert craftsman at bringing his audience to the edge — and sometimes pushing them over. Gilbert strips the comedic character away to reveal the man behind it,.

“With Gilbert, Neil Berkeley has given us access to a side seldom seen of this comedic icon,” stated Gravitas Founder and CEO Nolan Gallagher. “Watching Gottfried out of ‘character’ is surprisingly refreshing and relatable.”

Berkeley shared that “Gilbert is a labor of love made by a very small group of passionate people.  For a film like this to find a partner like Gravitas is a real thrill and we’re very excited to be working with them.  Our hope has always been to make a movie that shows the world an unexpected side of Gilbert and we think Gravitas Ventures is the perfect team to help make that happen.”

Gilbert is the third film from Director Neil Berkeley (Beauty Is Embarrassing, Harmontown). Berkeley produced with David Heiman, Maggie Contreras and James Andre Leche, with whom he also co-wrote. The Executive Producers are Eddie Schmidt, Clay Tweel and Bart McDonough

The deal for Gilbert was negotiated by Nolan Gallagher on behalf of Gravitas and by Josh and Ben Braun of Submarine on behalf of the filmmakers.