A high-concept psychological drama about a man on a desperate and relentless quest to save his relationship – using time travel

Up and coming young lawyer, Philip Grimmer (Patrick J Adams) is plunged into a twilight zone where, for a small but not insubstantial fee, the mysterious Plan B agency will whisk you back in time to fix mistakes before you make them.

When the love of his life Evelyn (Karine Vanasse) leaves him, Philip hits rock bottom. After drunk dialling a number he finds posted in a bar, Philip is abducted by Plan B’s brawny twins and wonders what he’s set in motion.

Waking up in bed next to Evelyn, he finds he’s travelled back in time to the morning before it all fell apart. He has a chance to do things differently. He can save his relationship, if he can just be perfect enough to get her to stay. He can rescue his law firm, his alcoholic brother, fix his dysfunctional family… All he has to do is call Plan B to wind back the clock.

But Philip soon realizes that even the smallest choice has repercussions—as uncontrollable as they are unexpected—on his life and the lives of others.

6 x 60′


  • Acclaimed ensemble cast of A-list talent including lead by Patrick J Adams
  • A truly compelling, character-driven psychological drama
  • A mature and intelligent, grounded Sci-Fi series with a universal concept
  • Glossy, prime time drama with high production values
  • Based on the critically acclaimed, international scripted format, originally produced by KOTV for Séries+ and ICI Radio-Canada (Canada)

Written by Jean-François Asselin, Jacques Drolet, Lynne Kamm
Created by Jean-François Asselin, Jacques Drolet
Directed by Aisling Chin-Yee, Maxime Giroux, Jean-François Asselin
Starring Patrick J Adams, Karine Vanasse, François Arnaud, Josh Close
Produced by KOTV for CBC (Canada)

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