More than 2.5 million viewers said ‘I do’ to last night’s MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT premiere in Germany!

Outperforming channel averages across the board the social experiment format proved particularly popular with young viewers and female audiences. The long-awaited premiere of Sat.1’s “Hochzeit auf den ersten Blick” (local title) truly delivered on all the media hype and headlines making a huge impression on Germany’s ratings charts.   Winning its time slot among young viewers, the show pulled in 57% (14-49) above Sat.1’s channel average. MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT also proved a favorite with female audiences, leaping 114% above channel average among young women (W14-29) and 67% among all adult women (W14+). Overall the premiere peaked at 2.5 million viewers and a share of 115% versus the channel average ‒ beating Sat.1’s primetime programming!

In MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT, 8 singles on the lookout for love put their hearts in the hands of a team of experts and marry a total stranger – meeting their partner for the first time at the altar. 6 weeks of marriage later, the couples decide to go their separate ways or to take a shot at living happily ever after together.

Originally created by Snowman Productions for Danish channel DR3, MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT crushed the channel’s average by 489% when it went on air last fall. The US finale was the most watched telecast in A+E Network’s fyi and bio. network history, firmly putting the new channel on the radar. Territories across the globe including France, Australia and the UK have signed straight-to-series deals for the format – the matchmaking continues!

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