A new local adaptation of Red Arrow Studios International‘s hit scripted format Lice Mother launched on M6 in France this week, drawing stellar ratings for the broadcaster.

The new series Comme des Gosses (Like Kids) attracted a market share of 14% with all viewers 4+; a 19% market share in the FRDA-50 demographic; a 19% market share amongst viewers under 50; and an audience of 2.7 million viewers (peaking at 3.2m).

Comme des Gosses is produced by Calt Story for M6; it is directed by Gaël Leforestier, produced by Hervé Bellech and stars Julien Pestel, Laurence Joseph, comedians Antonia de Rendinger and Doully, and Stéphane Debac. The show airs daily, Monday to Friday, at 8:30 pm on M6. 

The original production of Lice Mother – produced by BING Film & TV for AvroTros/NPO3 Netherlands – proved a massive ratings hit for AvroTros/NPO3 in the Netherlands, with audiences of over 5.2 million viewers and a 40% market share, to become NPO3’s most watched show ever, and with the highest ever recorded online viewing figures in the Netherlands. The scripted format has been commissioned by SAT.1 in Germany and VTM in Belgium.