Munich, March 27, 2012. Two comedians, one contestant and all their friends in their social network. ProSieben picked up “The Anti Social Network”, the hidden camera show for the Facebook generation.

“Co-Developed by Nerd and Red Arrow, premiering on ProSieben in Germany, ’The Anti Social Network’ demonstrates the great pool of creativity coming through the Red Arrow Entertainment Group into SevenOne International’s catalogue. This format perfectly combines the aspects of a prank show imbedded into the social networks we all use on a daily basis” says Henrik Pabst, Director International Format Acquisition at SevenOne International.

About The Anti Social Network

For one week the candidate hands over the keys to all his social network profiles to a team of comedians, giving them absolute freedom to run (and possibly ruin) your life for you. “The Anti Social Network” was co-developed by NERD TV and Red Arrow Entertainment Group.