Expand Snowman’s operations in key growth markets of web TV and advertiser-funded programming (AFP)

Partner with top industry executives with a powerful portfolio of brand and channel client

Red Arrow’s Scandinavian production arm, Snowman Productions, today announced that it has acquired a majority stake in Hard Hat, a web-focused production company based in Stockholm. The deal represents a strategic fit between Snowman as a rapidly growing TV production group and Hard Hat as a market leader in high-impact web TV and AFP. In October 2010, Red Arrow launched Snowman Productions in Sweden, followed by a rollout to Denmark at the start of 2011.

Hard Hat’s founders, Mats Dicklén and Calle Schulman (both previously with Metronome Digital Media), joined forces in 2009, quickly establishing Hard Hat as a preferred partner for core channels and brands. Among its clients are SVT, Kanal 5, Procter & Gamble and Bauhaus.

Pontus Gårdinger, CEO of Snowman Productions, said: “We’ve had our eyes on Hard Hat for quite a while, not least because of their creativity and competence in delivering outstanding quality and smart business solutions. With the acquisition of Hard Hat, we take an important step towards establishing ourselves as market leaders in production and development for other platforms such as web TV, alongside traditional TV. I couldn’t wish for a better partner for Snowman.”

Mats Dicklén, Managing Director of Hard Hat, added: “Snowman is one of Sweden’s most interesting and explosive companies and there was really no other plausible alternative for us. Key is to maintain Hard Hat’s identity as a small, cocky and hard-working company whose philosophy is to love the tough demands on production companies. With Snowman, we have the opportunity to continue doing things our way but with a strong support network.”

Calle Schulman, Hard Hat’s Creative Director, said: “This couldn’t be better news for Hard Hat. For me, it’s obvious that I now have full access to some of Sweden’s most creative brains. All other Swedish production companies treat web TV as an ugly cousin from Nynäshamn (a smaller city in Sweden). I love the fact that Snowman is smart enough to embrace us and, from today, Hard Hat + Snowman represent the most future-secured production company in Sweden.”