Red Arrow International has secured distribution rights to STV Production’s hit game-show “The Lie” – a general knowledge quiz with a twist. Developed in the UK by STV, TV3 and GroupM Entertainment, “The Lie” already captivated the Irish audiences, exceeding its slot average on Irish channel TV3 by up to 32%! The broadcaster has already re-commissioned the game show on the back of a successful launch. In Scotland “The Lie” will premiere on STV on March 31st.

 Jeff Ford TV3 Group Director of Content: “We knew that ‘The Lie’ was going to be a big success but we underestimated how fast it would grow. Since the first episode aired just two weeks ago, we have had an incredibly positive response from viewers and international broadcasters who have already shown an interest in the format. For us, re-commissioning this excellent show for another series was the next natural step. We now look forward to seeing the success of ‘The Lie’ further afield.”

Alan Clements, Director of Content for STV Productions, said: “‘The Lie’ is an innovative new format which rewards knowledge, teamwork and strategy, and is set to be addictive viewing for those playing along at home. ‘The Lie’ further strengthens STV Productions’ credentials in the entertainment genre, and it’s fantastic that Red Arrow International will be bringing the show to an international audience.’

Richard Foster, managing director of GroupM Entertainment: “This is another success from our long-standing partnership with STV, and the first time we’ve partnered with TV3 on a show. The second series commission is testament to how rewarding a collaboration it has been for all.”

Henrik Pabst, Managing Director, Global Format Distribution at Red Arrow International says: “A quiz show without questions – what a genius idea! ‘The Lie’ is straightforward and addictive and has already taken Ireland by storm, and I can’t wait to see it go further!”

About The Lie

Can you separate fact from fiction? Faced with two statements, can you identify which one is a lie? How about if there are 3 statements or 4, or 5, or 6?

This brand new game show gives a team of 2 contestants the chance to win big money – all they have to do is survive an incredibly tense series of rounds, risking an increasing amount of money on their ability to spot “The Lie”.

In each round, the pair faces a series of statements in a chosen category – from pop culture to current affairs. There is only one lie, but as the contestants get closer to the jackpot, the number of true statements increases and, with it, the number of pitfalls.

Wrongly identify truth as fiction, and you may leave with nothing. But with knowledge, teamwork, strategy and a little bit of luck, you may win “The Lie” and walk away with the jackpot.